woensdag 6 juni 2018

VIDEO of Larix (for sale)

A 360° video can visualise things more properly.

This tree was exhibited in the 30y anniversary exhibition of the local dept of the Flemish Bonsai Association (Vlaamse Bonsai Vereniging, afdeling De Leie) in 2016 in the city of Deinze.

Asking price: +/- 450 EUR (I await reasonable offers)

Age: at least 22 - 23 years old (no yamadori)
Height: about 65-70cm

Healthy tree, Repotted in february (zeolite, lava, bims, vermiculite, cocopeat), removed all but one cone to focus on more growth for ramification.
NO big wounds, nice bark on lower trunk and beginning to form more upwards on trunk, good structure with only more ramification needed,...

A few years away from first exhibition level

maandag 4 juni 2018

Small Privet Group

update June 2nd 2018.
Privet (ligustrum ovalifolium), recuperated from my hedge in 2016.
First year in this pot, partly raised on a stone.

Will develop nicely in the coming years. Needs a slab perhaps.

Ribes Alpinum

I finally discovered which exact species it is: Ribes Alpinum.

From a cutting in 1996/1997.

Very small size

Alder 360° view

Common Alder, Alnus Glutinosa, started from a 1 season old plant, back in 2011.
Made a 360° view.
Second flush of green coming on nicely, I spread the first pruning over the last few weeks. Another pruning in July.

Birch #2 update

Update of a Birch project tree.
Dug up from a building plot in 2012 and kept not much more then a naked trunk.
First years were slow to develop, I havent got a clue why.

Today I pruned excess growth and started some first and basic wiring. It has to devolop strong growth again now on the main branches, before more work can be done.

dinsdag 17 april 2018

bonsai shelves in the garden

First ever bonsai shelves in my garden since we moved in back in autumn 2008.
You see, I'm just an amateur :-). Some more shelving to do, and then I'll add a few trunk logs to put some more trees on. Limited space available in my limited garden, for proper presentation.
I perhaps like the growing field and the little corners here and there more, where everything is growing and still 'becoming'. But, my wife is happy the garden table is now free of trees and spoiled substrate.

maandag 9 april 2018

Sorbus upcoming leaves

Sorbus aucuparia.

Soon the overal image of this very small tree will be completely ruined again by all the top shoots that grow rapidly straight up. Not an easy species to grow from seedling, don't bet on lots of ramification. Needs a lot of grow and cut cycli to get more buds on the branches.