woensdag 15 maart 2017

Common Alder - branch bending

The recentely repotted Common Alder (alnus glutinosa) had two branches corrected today. Two bigger branches that could not really be bend with wire any more. I cut them to about half the branch width and then bent them. One I bent by forcing a wooden pen (recuperated branch from pruned plum) between two branches up to the point it closed the cut as good as possible. The other with thick wire on top secured with flexible tree binding rope and a guy wire.

zondag 12 maart 2017

Silver Birch ready for spring

No repotting, just a quick cleanup in these last weeks of winter. Mainly removing algi and moss from trunk and branches and remove about 1/2 cm of the substrate to tidy up the main roots, it looks better.
When the top has matured a bit more, it will get a 'nice' handmade pot.

Hawthorn, airlayered today. Roots were really going nowhere...
Perhaps now this one can get a nice glazed handmade pot in the future.

Started in 2007/2008 from not much more than the trunkline and a few branch stumps.
It was collected before by someone else, but this was just plain hedge quality material.

substrate used for airlayering: vermiculite + about 20% lava sand

common European Ash

About 25cm in height; The European Ash tree reaches heights of up to 40m in its natural environment.
Except ramification, I also need to thicken the top, I'll just prune very late in the top for that purpose. Besides that the rootbase is a big problem, there are practically no usefull roots on one side. So today I decided to airlayer it. Fingers crossed.

Larix decidua, repotted

Larix decidua, the european larix.
Repotted in a...plastic training pot.
Could be a cascade in the future, or could stay a semi-cascade.
This one has always been a challenge, styled, restyled, styled, restyled, never to full satisfaction. The quite awkward 'straight' main trunk is the culprit, I guess. I will not try to bend it, because I would loose the old bark.

zondag 5 maart 2017

How do I start many of my trees?
Well, like this. From seedling or seed.

This is a wild domesticated apple (malus domesticus), most likely an ancient variety. I first thought it was genuine wild apple (malus sylvestris), because the parent tree from which I harvested, had very small apples (about max 4 cm), even colour without stripes. But, they tasted quite sweet, which is not typical for Malus Sylvestris.

Anyway, I harvested some apples in late december 2015, left the seed in a pot outside during winter, and sowed in spring 2016. This is one of the seedlings of 2016. I Planted it out on a rock and put it in a pond basket. I hope it will be strong enough by next spring, to plant it out in the ground for further development. If all goes well, this will be an interesting and fun project for decades to come.

Privet small group planting

Had to halt repotting work untill wind and rain passed away, I let it soak a couple of hours in its 'metal' pot before repotting it in a mica training pot. One or two years from now I'll put it in a rough slab.
Started in february 2016 with a handfull of privet plants I recycled for a hedge corner I needed to dig out for other garden plans.