zondag 6 januari 2019

Sycamore project tree - Acer Pseudoplatanus - update

This is a real project.
Today I dug out a small Sycamore tree (acer pseudoplatanus) that I got from a seedling on nearby farmland a few years ago. It stood in the ground for 2 years now, with only 1 rough pruning a year.
I cleaned out the rootmass and replanted it in a big plastic crate. In the next few years I will grow it alternating in the ground and in a plastic crate. The idea is to focus simulatenously on good root control and trunk thickness. Surely this will end up in a rather smallsized tree.
It is not considered a perfect or even suitable tree for bonsai, but I consider it a must have in my future collection native trees. Ramification is a big challenge in this species (fast growing with long internodes in nature) and you can forget small leaf size too. But, the winter image makes up for this and that is why I still want to have one.
It stands on a lava rock on one side. The longer the training the better this composition will look.
Maybe in 3 to 5 years, pot culture can begin.

vrijdag 4 januari 2019

Privit in Wintersilhouet

Privet, ligustrum ovalifolium

just a picture of the winter silhouet

only  years in training in pot.
Give it another few years before it is really presentable.

I will probably repot in 2019 OR 2020 on a slab. Then I will consider creating more height difference between the two levels (upper part group and lower part group of less plants), also more spacing between the groups will add to the perception I'm aiming for. It is good to have time on your side

maandag 5 november 2018

Malus in mid summer

Malus, quite small size.

Building it back up since drastic cut back on trunk in 2013. Could also probably benefit from one or 2 years in wooden box with good fertilising. I'll consider in early spring next year.

A 'before' picture, how the tree looked as raw material in 2012. It has an ugly airlayer wound higher up the trunk and I bought it in discount.

Winterflowering cherry

in its new pot since this spring.
picture is from late summer
every year a good bunch of lovely flowers, from early winter to early spring

one of my earlier bonsai attempts, has always been built up in pot

Ulmus Laevis - fluttering elm

Quite rare species to find in nature, bound to specific conditions.
(picture from late summer)

Ulmus Laevis seedlings, for future project(s).
From seed, harvested from the tree in Walloon part of Belgium.

Rowan tree in fall colours

Small size, about 25 to 30cm
Trained from seedling back in 1997. Has never been grown in the ground, only in pot.
Don't expect lots of fine ramification with this species. For producing a bit more buds, it benefits from late but hard pruning back until more buds appear after few years. Expect only 1 or 2 new shoots on branches, no more. After years you will get a bit top heavy branches with twists very very close to each other, a bit like a pollarded tree.

Fall for the small Field Maple

Fall in my modestly sized Field Maple (acer campestre).

I'm rebuilding the top third of the tree since last year.

Once potbound, and with maturing trees, Field maple hardly produces more than one healthy growth a year. This can be quite challenging en nerve wrecking if you need structural rebuilding at one point or even with refining. I'm quite sure the tree would benefit from alternating with growing conditions, changing from one year in big wooden container and a year in bonsai pot, when the purpose is still building it up.