A bonsai blog is...well something like this:
Its purpose is not to create discussions, but solely to present itself as a public diary, an open invitation for interested readers. By definition it does not claim to cover all aspects, all subjects, or all knowledge. It does not ask you to agree or to reply, it merely offers a window to (a selection of) personal experiences of the author. You like to read a book because of the story told by the author; or you simply dont like reading. Because of the 'book'-aspect, a blog can also be a location to gather info whilst reading, if that was your goal. The value of a blog lies exactly in this portrait of personal and single actions, the open window aspect. It is very much an informal thing. It is like paying a visit to a friend, you come and say hello once in a while and know what he or she has been busy with.

A bonsaiforum is not that, it is almost the opposite. A forum does not produce a book or diary you can read. It shoud work like an encyclopedia, with many volumes and even more authors, making it reach further than 1 single blog, but with the content very much more heterogenously gathered in a more random structure, mostly without an index. A forum is in my opinion more a social network rather than it is a  encyclopedia. The way the content behind the chapters is presented, is often quite inconsistent, with high diversity in authors, in experiences, in the way info is presented, with conflicting replies, with offtopic issues, with personal preferences intervening in discussions, etc. Because the purpose of a forum is group discussion, all authors can share their thoughts, some with moderation some without. On all fora you will quickly find that this can greatly disturb the 'enclyclopedia-aspect'.

A commonly known internet encyclopedia addresses this issue as follows [CLICK on image below, close with X]

This is why I limit my visits to internetfora and why I now rarely post on fora. Even so, some seem to be quite committed to this form of mal-discussion such as described by wikipedia. Unfortunately, it is only recently that I came accross someone (of which I can prove through IP id), had several identities and posted simultanuously as such on different fora or using different means of communication, deliberately creating discussions and initiating ad hominem attacks, or in some cases defamatory posts about shops, keeping sure to hide in anonimity through several nicknames, several email addresses, etcetera. In such cases the proper thing to do is to complaint/mention this to the poster and the moderator, if possible. They are responsable for correcting what went wrong. So, you can trust that someone who needs to act as described by this example, has more to hide than to show, that seems to be a highly apparant characteristic and this also shows that you really only need to address such things with plain common sense, or sometimes humor, and Einstein (relativity theory?).

If all goes well, a forum can however be a one of many sources to (quietly) observe and find a broad range of contents on 1 single topic, e.g. as a photo library or quickreading and picking out only the content you want to see. Either way, a blog is a personal, informal open diary; a forum is a closed but social network with all authors interpreting each others individual stories.

Taking all these things into account, my personal preference should be clear, hence my blog.
Thank you all for visiting, and I can only hope you liked reading up on my hobby.

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