dinsdag 2 augustus 2016

Update airlayer Ulmus Procera

Here is how my Ulmus Procera has done, since I airlayered it in april (see blogpost of 10th april 2016).

Obviously roots starting to appear from underneath the airlayer pot. That is a good sign.

Plans for this tree? Well I must be honest, I never really had a satisfying feeling with this litlle tree, so what the future will bring is still a mystery. I actually quite dislike the image it had, I don't really want to train it like that any more. I will even consider cutting it back to half the size and put it back in the ground again after I removed the old roots in late winter 2016-2017, and go for a more dramatic look or even informal 'dramatic' broom style.

I can't seem to stop thinking in 'project terms' with many of my trees which I am not 100% satisfied with.

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