maandag 17 juli 2017

Fluttering Elm or European White Elm seedlings

Yes, I also start trees up from seedlings...
This species, ulmus laevis, has become (very) rare in Flanders, and many parts of Europe because they depend on 'dynamic' river systems, where they grow in hardwood-riverwoods. The 'dynamics' of most of our rivers have been altered.
Real, genetically-endemic, trees are rare to find, in Flanders maybe 10 'hotspots' acknowledged.

So, these seedlings were harvested as seed from the trees, in the Walloon-part of Belgium.
I got 12 of them from a friend/collegue and just put them gently in a separte little pot.
I'll probably use one or several for a future root-over-rock project (another one..), the rest I'll see.

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