dinsdag 10 maart 2015

Silver birch bonsai top cut out

Today 10.03.2015 I got my silver birch (betaula pendula) out of winterstorage. This young prebonsai is grown from seed since 2008. It only spent 2 full growing seasons in the ground in our backyard. In pot since 3 (of 4?) years.

I cut out the entire top section because it was going nowhere. Too much space without branching, several branches coming from 1 'wheel'. All gone now. A lower branch I bent into the new top. Obviously the top will need to fill out now, I give it 2 years and I'll have plenty of shoots to pick from for building it up. I put some new guy-wires on other branches. So off to a new and better future, it allready feels much better now. The roots are starting to look decent too. It will have to wait another year for repotting, it won't hurt the tree too much.

first picture is from 2 years ago

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