maandag 14 december 2015

common Hazel 'stump' - update 14.12.2015

Update 14 dec 2015 of my common Hazel (corylus avellana).
No cultivar. It was dug out early april 2015 alongside the entrance to a 'chalet' in the Belgian Ardennes we've rented from friends. This was just part of the shrubs that are mowed down every 2 years, so rather a gardendori than a yamadori :-).

All new shoots from this year, look at the longest ones, just amazing fort its first year of recovering in a container. Looks promising, hasnt lost any vigour so far.

This winter I'll further reduce the main front trunk, chop it off above the new shoot that will grow out to be a new mini-trunk and bring leaves/canopy to the lower front of the tree. This is important because this front trunk blocks the view to another trunk in the back which suits the composition better. I am aiming for a broad 'shrub' like canopy.
The red circle in the one picture shows the trunk to be chopped, and the new part of the canopy that will be created by the leftover side-branch/new trunk-to-be.

So, still 2 or 3 years left of growing shoots in this training pot, then serious pruning and wiring can start. That is, if growth vigour stays like it was this year.

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