maandag 25 mei 2015

European Hornbeam, Carpinus Betulus revisited 23.05.2015

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This is European Hornbeam, Carpinus Betulus. It was dug out from a +/- 18 tot 20 year old hedge, back in early march 2012. It spent that year in the ground in my brother's garden. In 2013 I put it in this big growing container. In 2014 I carved the trunk, without finishing it off. This will come later, when I finish the carving (in about 2 years maybe).

This prebonsai/raw material will spend this year and maybe next year in this big plastic container. After that, a flat and wide training pot. In maybe 5 years, I hope to get it in pot, but there's much work to be done in the future with the roots (corrections in the rootwork below the surface, and grafting at the nebari).

But, after only such a short period, one can allready see the possibilities at least. I love working with projects, even (if not mainly) with mediocre raw material. There is much joy bringing such material a step higher, you learn a lot (personally and horticulturally) when dealing with impossibilities, flaws, imperfections, setbacks.

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