zaterdag 11 juli 2015

european Larch (larix decidua) revisited 11.07.2015

I took away my last doubts about my european larch. The windswept-look-a-like now looks even more windswept. Over the last few years it evolved into this style, not really deliberately however. I just went with the possibilities it had (the trunk inclination for instance), and now I'm left with a very sparse foliage. I quite like it now, no further styling or restyling. Next year I will further extend the branch, I am happy with the movement of the branch (dropping then rising slightly again). It adds to the drama of this little larch. I only need to address the dead wood at the top, redesign the old dead top to match the additional dead branches on top (created today). From now on, ramification!

Height +/- 25cm.

donderdag 9 juli 2015

Hazelnut revisited 09.07.2015

corylus avellana. Hazel-nut var. 'the Nutty Professor'?

It seems this little bush had no problem transplanting its natural growing power into the pot. Good substrate, good feeding, and off it went. With all that power I'm sure its healthy enough, so I chopped down some of the trunks a bit more last week. Summertime will make sure the healing will be no problem. Collected, and chopped down twice in 3 months time. Growth just continues..

Just a few pictures. Some carving/hollowing out to do, its pretty obvious where.
See the bonsai in the bonsai-to-be? I can.
5 years project to have an acceptable prebonsai ready for ramification seem about right? I think so

bonsai common european Ash (fraxinus excelsior) revisited 09.07.2015

Tiny common European Ash, Fraxinus Excelsior. After partial leaf removal, pruning, some 2 weeks ago, a new flush of green is ready to burst out of those beautiful buds. In a couple of years time there will be an 'acceptable' canopy for this small sized Ash. I dont really need a huge amount of ramification on this one. Ever seen the growth habitus of a European Ash in its natural environment, its rather a sparse and spiky ramification.

The notorious Ash-disease responsable for possible severe dieback on Ash, called Chalara Fraxinea (fungus) has not stroke this one yet. I hope it never does, because there is no cure and you can only observe, possibly cut back, and hope. On bonsai the threat surely exists as well, but because of the size or our trees, the fungus has more difficulty reaching them offcourse, even in areas where the disease has struck in forests, solitary trees...