vrijdag 21 april 2017

always more projects

More and more and more 'real homegrown'... always.
For future happy times :)

Horse Chestnut (Aesculus Hippocastaneum), from chestnut in 2011/2012
Bird Cherry (Prunus Padus), from juvenile material used for forestry purposes
Sycamore on rock (Acer Pseudoplatanus), from seedling
Sweet/Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium), from seedling

Another pre-Alder-bonsai

Another prebonsai common Alder, alnus glutinosa.

I waited for 'spring break' to see what new growth would appear where...
then last weekend I cleaned it out, so it can now properly start spring again.
Some gentle pushes, by using guy wires

Bijschrift toevoegen

Prunus Subhirtella - update april 2017

First checkup and delicate wiring of young shoots.
From this year on, I hope to begin building the canopy a bit more.
In this small size, I sometimes prefer (depending on species) to guide the branchlets allreaydy at an early stage. Makes a difference in later ramification of the branch.