donderdag 4 mei 2017

Hornbeam - update may 4th 2017

Just an update, a picture
After some late frost a good week ago, it has restarted its spring.

Somewhere end of May I'll check for pruning and wiring.

Downy Birch - prebonsai²

most likely Downy Birch (betula pubescens), or a natural hybrid between Silver Birch (betula pendula) and Downy Birch.

Harvested in from between the tiles alongside the border of a pavement and a building plot, in 2012.
It did not really recover good in the next 2 years, but suddenly it regained vigour. Second year in trainingpot now.

I've cut a top brach (sacrifice branch) and bent the remaining bracht into a new top last week.
Two days ago I carved the old trunk chop cut a bit. Just roughly, and then I put some perforated microwave plastic around the wound, to prevent it from drying out too fast. It will stay on 1 or 2 months, this will also help faster callousing.

Obviously, this is a prebonsai² (pre pre bonsai)