donderdag 5 januari 2017

Common Hazel - update

Common Hazel, corylus avellana.
Dug out in april 2014, this stump is developing in training pot.
Just an update.

Broad canopy with slightly waving dropping branchlets over the edges of the slab, and low apexes is what I am aiming for. The white line represents the slab. I had to draw this within the contours of the pictures offcourse but in reality it will have to be a bit bigger, but with similar shape.

Red Current variety - winter update

Ribus Rubrum, red Currant variety.

This is my smallest ánd oldest 100% selfmade tree, or shrub.
In 1996 I took a cutting from the shrub in my parents' garden.
It has always been grown in pot. Although this species does not produce thick stems/trunks, its current thin 'trunk' is mainly because I've always grown it in (small) pots.
Late pruning of the first flush helps, but I don't expect miracles on this one.
The top left branchlet needed new growth and better ramification so it was pruned back, ready for spring. It's just cute, and a nice memory of my first bonsai attempts.

dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year, for all the readers of my blog !

Birch - cutback and new positioning

Birch. About 30 years old. I got it in 2007 when it was reportedly about 25yo, as a completely outgrown prebonsai. I left nothing from the tree I got.
After 1 year in a pond basket, I am thinking of changing the inclination again. First I vigourously pruned it. The white line I draw could be what resembles a future pot/shell shape.
Sparse foliage on the tops of both main trunk and secondary trunk, with few hanging branches, Is what I aim for.

Hornbeam - update 3 jan. 2017

Most bonsai artists/adepts/experts or even enthusiasts would have argued this was not suitable material for bonsai purposes. Well, I like to get my hands dirty and I like to make do with what I can get my hands on. It was dug out from a +/- 20yo hedge, in early spring 2012. All branches are built up since then.

Today I picked up the carving that I left a week ago. More refining, then some beeswax on the inside and burn it... After I tried to carve the top branch/apex a bit, I'm now really considering chopping it of and match it with the rest of the top. That would probably also suit the 'veterantree' look. I could use the branch right underneath the current apex to make a new leader/apex.

Next 2 years I'll also keep working on thickening the primary branches by using sacrifice branches.
I'll probably keep it in this container for another year.