maandag 5 november 2018

Malus in mid summer

Malus, quite small size.

Building it back up since drastic cut back on trunk in 2013. Could also probably benefit from one or 2 years in wooden box with good fertilising. I'll consider in early spring next year.

A 'before' picture, how the tree looked as raw material in 2012. It has an ugly airlayer wound higher up the trunk and I bought it in discount.

Winterflowering cherry

in its new pot since this spring.
picture is from late summer
every year a good bunch of lovely flowers, from early winter to early spring

one of my earlier bonsai attempts, has always been built up in pot

Ulmus Laevis - fluttering elm

Quite rare species to find in nature, bound to specific conditions.
(picture from late summer)

Ulmus Laevis seedlings, for future project(s).
From seed, harvested from the tree in Walloon part of Belgium.

Rowan tree in fall colours

Small size, about 25 to 30cm
Trained from seedling back in 1997. Has never been grown in the ground, only in pot.
Don't expect lots of fine ramification with this species. For producing a bit more buds, it benefits from late but hard pruning back until more buds appear after few years. Expect only 1 or 2 new shoots on branches, no more. After years you will get a bit top heavy branches with twists very very close to each other, a bit like a pollarded tree.

Fall for the small Field Maple

Fall in my modestly sized Field Maple (acer campestre).

I'm rebuilding the top third of the tree since last year.

Once potbound, and with maturing trees, Field maple hardly produces more than one healthy growth a year. This can be quite challenging en nerve wrecking if you need structural rebuilding at one point or even with refining. I'm quite sure the tree would benefit from alternating with growing conditions, changing from one year in big wooden container and a year in bonsai pot, when the purpose is still building it up.

European Hornbeam - in progress

Carpinus Betulus, from a 'trunk' recuperated in 2012 from a hedge.

After several years in this big plastic pot that was reduced every 2years, I will move it to a wooden box this fall of in early spring next year. For at least another 2 or 3 seasons. Only after this it will be ready for its real first bonsai container.

The look I aim for is a 'veteran tree' bonsai.

The carved dead wood needs refining, this I will start next year. The wood has never been treated so far.

Alder - project tree in progress

One of the common black alders (Alnus glutinosa) in progress.
Moved to a wooden container for the next 2 years.
Inclination will be changed later.
Need more development of structural branches, and canopy needs to be broader for the look I am aiming at.

maandag 4 juni 2018

Small Privet Group

update June 2nd 2018.
Privet (ligustrum ovalifolium), recuperated from my hedge in 2016.
First year in this pot, partly raised on a stone.

Will develop nicely in the coming years. Needs a slab perhaps.

Ribes Alpinum

I finally discovered which exact species it is: Ribes Alpinum.

From a cutting in 1996/1997.

Very small size

Alder 360° view

Common Alder, Alnus Glutinosa, started from a 1 season old plant, back in 2011.
Made a 360° view.
Second flush of green coming on nicely, I spread the first pruning over the last few weeks. Another pruning in July.

Birch #2 update

Update of a Birch project tree.
Dug up from a building plot in 2012 and kept not much more then a naked trunk.
First years were slow to develop, I havent got a clue why.

Today I pruned excess growth and started some first and basic wiring. It has to devolop strong growth again now on the main branches, before more work can be done.

dinsdag 17 april 2018

bonsai shelves in the garden

First ever bonsai shelves in my garden since we moved in back in autumn 2008.
You see, I'm just an amateur :-). Some more shelving to do, and then I'll add a few trunk logs to put some more trees on. Limited space available in my limited garden, for proper presentation.
I perhaps like the growing field and the little corners here and there more, where everything is growing and still 'becoming'. But, my wife is happy the garden table is now free of trees and spoiled substrate.

maandag 9 april 2018

Sorbus upcoming leaves

Sorbus aucuparia.

Soon the overal image of this very small tree will be completely ruined again by all the top shoots that grow rapidly straight up. Not an easy species to grow from seedling, don't bet on lots of ramification. Needs a lot of grow and cut cycli to get more buds on the branches.

redcurrant in leaf

Redcurrant, one of the first to get in leaf.
Lots and lots of tiny green flower buds appearing.

I removed a lot of moss around the roots, I could hardly see those little roots-over-rock any more.


'Make bonsai great again'


Prunus flowers almost gone

Prunus Subhirtella autumnalis (var. Rosea).

Flowers almost gone (flowers from mid or late Fall to early Spring), making way from the upcoming leaves.

sowing wild Plum

Harvested last fall during a hike.
Germinating seeds from what supposed to be wild Plum.
This is how some of my project-trees begin their life.
After one year, I transplant into the ground for several years obviously.

I don't think I would still do this at later age, especially wild slow growers like Plum...

zondag 8 april 2018

Hornbeam - some carving

My hornbeam that I'm attempting to 'veteran-tree' style.
Spent an hour with the Dremel 'redecorating' the dead wood on the top.
Rather hard wood, even after quite some time of weathering.
Not 100% finished , but the bulk is done.
Now, more weathering... I don't know when I will finaly use some sealant to stop further/delay further decaying. It seems I must decide on accepting it will maybe never 100% satisfy me.

Buds are beginning to open.

Carving wounds on Alders

Spent 1 or 2 hours carving wounds of 3 of my Alders.
All done with a Dremel, it was easy because the wounds had been decaying for several years.
Aftercare needed here and there, and I will apply 'some' sealant, after it has weathered a bit, maybe end of this season of next year.

Malus flowers almost open

Malus flowering abundantly, just days away from opening.

Project-tree started in 2013 from prebonsai material that was more than twice the height it is now. Chopped, carved, and all branches are new.

maandag 12 maart 2018

SALE / TE KOOP: Japanese Larch + book + accent pot


Japanse Larix (larix kaempferi). Dit is een kwalitatieve, vrij grote, en al wat rijpere bonsai boom. Is minstens een 25tal jaar oud (zelf gevormd en opgekweekt vanaf startplant, +/- 15jr geleden). De bloemknoppen zitten ook dit jaar alweer klaar (krijgt nadien kegeltjes). Doe ik van de hand, omdat ik enkel wil focussen op inheemse soorten, dus zelfs mijn mooiste uitheemse mag weg. Deze bonsai staat ook in het fotoboek van de tentoonstelling 30jr Vlaamse Bonsai Vereniging, afdeling De Leie, in 2016 (tentoonstelling in De Rekkeling te Deinze), kan u inkijken bij mij en kan u zien op één van de foto's. Reeds verpot een paar weken terug (moet om de +/- 2jr), met verankeringsdraad en in goed substraat. Is heel goed winterhard (kan de winter buiten blijven staan). Moet tijdens het seizoen bemest worden, tekst en uitleg krijgt u erbij. Toch al een hogere vraagprijs, maar ik ben ook benieuwd naar biedingen. Als er iemand uit de ruime omgeving koopt, ben ik nadien ook bereid voor vragen of hulp met de verzorging, deze boom is te mooi om niet goed te onderhouden nadien. Er is nog een kleine spandraad of bedrading te voorzien, dat kan ik ook nog voorzien.

+ Boek (Ken Norman, 256 blz)
+ Potje voor accentplant of mame bonsai (made by greg-ceramics)

650 EUR: vraagprijs is bij echte interesse en bezichtiging terplekke, nog iets bespreekbaar.

Afhaling te Oudenaarde, Oost-Vlaanderen, België



Japanese Larch (larix kaempferi). This is decent size and allready maturing tree with good quality. NO big wounds. Bark is coming on. At least 25 yo (started from younger nursery material and built myself at least 15 years ago). Flowerings buds are ready to burst within the next few weeks. I'm parting with this tree because I really only want to focus om native species, so even my finest exotic trees can leave. This tree is in the photobook '30years Flemish Bonsai Assocication, division 'De Leie' that was printed (limited edition) with the exhibition in 2016 in the city of Deinze. Has allready been repotted a few weeks ago. If anyone from in the (broad) neighbourhoud should buy this tree, I could offer help and guidance with maintenance, if necessary. This tree is too nice to neglect it with bad maintenance. Could need some minor wiring.

I include:
+ Book (Ken Norman, 256 blz)
+ Accent pot (greg-ceramics)

650 EUR: if seriously interested, and on visiting, price is a little negotiable.
Collect in city of Oudenaarde, belgium.



dinsdag 6 maart 2018

new pot for Birch

new pot for my Birch (Betula Pendula)

tree: made from scratch (seedling, 2008)
pot: made by my previous teacher ceramics

Bark is slowly beginning to whiten (it will take several more years), hence the lightcoloured glaze. It's slightly big and heavy, or so it seems due to the effect of the pot surface details. In the end, the tree will be slightly higher too, when the top matures further.
All in all, not bad as is.

maandag 5 maart 2018

Malus flowers

Will flower abundantly. I'm happy.

Redcurrant's 21st birthday

This tiny little Redcurrant (variety) or Ribes Rubrum var. celebrates its 21st birthday this year.
From a cutting in 1997. I'm happy I never threw it away back then.

dinsdag 27 februari 2018

SALE - pinus mugo Shohin

Selling, because I want to focus on primarely native broadleaved trees, and because I've got too many projects I am growing and preparing for future personal bonsai therapy :)

This is actually one of my very first bonsai plants, started from younger nursery material, must be back in late nineties ('97 of '98). Well then this means it is about 25years old. No fat trunk here because it was always kept in pot. Details of an attractive bark here and there. Nice structural build-up and allready some refining, with backbudding, lots of tiny buds, tiny candles etcetera.
All in all, this is not a warehouse-bonsai but it is decent quality and can be made ready for exhibition quite rapidly according to me.
Nice little pot, not standard so this means it was not cheap either.

Collect only, in Belgium, province of East-Flanders, city of Oudenaarde (B-9700).
310 EUR.

Interested? Mail

Last 2 pictures are from approx 5 years ago.