maandag 22 april 2019

Hornbeam in leaf - in the "VETERAN TREE"- style?

In leaf, propagating many shoots all over the tree. No weak branches. All goes well.
Wait another 2 or 3 years, and this tree will develop to one of the better ones in my collection of native bonsai trees. Well, I hope so ;-).

VETERANTREE - style ??? Anyone wanting to pick that up, be my guest but share the link to my blog in that case ;-). "Veteran tree" is a name that allready exists (google it) but would be new to bonsai. According to me, it could appeal to european bonsai enthousiasts. It is by definition a naturalistic style and the term is allready being used.

Brutus the Hazel has woken up

I call him 'Brutus' even though its quite a small size, but because of the clump I hink it looks a bit like a 'veteran tree'. Has only really woken up 1 week ago. Building it up since 2014, harvestd in april of that year alongside the driveway of someone's holiday home in the Belgian Ardennes, Walloon part of Belgium.

dinsdag 9 april 2019


Bought in promotion, in july 2013, cut back more than half the trunk, carved, and all branches new since then

Flowers Almost Gone

'Flower almost gone' (singing along the tunes of the Doors' Summer's almost gone...)

Winterflowering cherry. Very small size. From very young nursery material, aged about 20years now. Has only spent 1 or 2 years in the ground.

Fluffy the little Rowan tree

Fluffy, the little Rowan. I think it works ;-)

Amongst the smallest and oldest bonsai I've grown from tiny seedling. Moved 2 times, since I harvested it in a hedgerow where I lived with my parents... special place in my heart even though there is no drama at all in this tree(let) and it was never ever grown in the ground.

Some things you just leave be

Birch - the beginning

The beginning of something...

Birch, probably a natural hybrid of Betula Pendula x Betula Pubescens

Alder numero quattro

Alder nr 4.
Alnus Glutinosa

From very young forestry nursery plant.

Sure, the main branches need thickening but I'm working on that whilst in pot. Let it be, time is on my side.

springtime 2019

Oh well, just a couple of impressions.

The joy of springtime !