2019, the year I started experimenting how far my interest in history and interest in medieval wooden bows (selfbows, made out of 1 single piece of wood), could take me. July 2020, and I've made 7 selfbows so far.

I set my goals quite high: true (within borders) or as true as possible to medieval knowledge, woods and design, and using only handtools. I quickly found enough info on the old internet to find what I was looking for. Offcourse, some specifics have never been recorded in history or have been lost in history, but there is still plenty to fill in the gaps and still produce a bow that would resemble a (later) medieval selfbow close enough.

So, while I'm not building this part of my blog as a history channel, I will include historical sources such as medieval manuals/books, paintings, or research sources every now and then.

It seems I've found another interest and hobby that will give me a lot of fullfilment and joy.
I hope this will fascinate some of you visitors so I invite you to follow the build alongs and experiences.

  • Yew (taxus baccata) warbow (english longbow, medieval style, 95-100 pound draw weight)

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