dinsdag 31 december 2019

Hazel - update dec 2019

a hazel (corylus avellana) clump, in quite modest size.
you could also call this is a project, still many years ahead before it will look more naturalistic, the goal is a broader wavy canopy, somewhat like a hazel bush on top of a hill/rock/high ground beside a road.

Alder project tree - update dec 2019

Spent its first year in this wooden box. Another 2 to 3 to go.
This alder (alnus glutinosa) was dug out several years ago on grounds that where to be transformed in a parking lot for the nearby warehouse.
These are just fun, little and honest projects.
I can play with inclination later, it could reveal a special look.

zaterdag 2 november 2019

Birch in fall

Betula Pendula. Just another update, fall 2019. Definitely needs repotting in late winter. Always make sure not to repot too late, with birch, especially if you're allready started ramification. Sapstream comes very soon with this one.

Whych Elm - update fall 2019

Just started this Ulmus Glabra from raw material this spring. Its quite small size. Chopped it down, cut almost everything, repotted it, so only next year vigour will start to come back.
You can see a threadgraft as well, I'll leave in on until at least midsummer next year and will only remove it when I'm sure.

Hornbeam - update fall 2019

It's a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way to go...

Wired a top branch into position, to see what could come out of that next year. I think the top will benefit from it, it'll bring more balance and a bit more green to the front.

maandag 22 april 2019

Hornbeam in leaf - in the "VETERAN TREE"- style?

In leaf, propagating many shoots all over the tree. No weak branches. All goes well.
Wait another 2 or 3 years, and this tree will develop to one of the better ones in my collection of native bonsai trees. Well, I hope so ;-).

VETERANTREE - style ??? Anyone wanting to pick that up, be my guest but share the link to my blog in that case ;-). "Veteran tree" is a name that allready exists (google it) but would be new to bonsai. According to me, it could appeal to european bonsai enthousiasts. It is by definition a naturalistic style and the term is allready being used.

Brutus the Hazel has woken up

I call him 'Brutus' even though its quite a small size, but because of the clump I hink it looks a bit like a 'veteran tree'. Has only really woken up 1 week ago. Building it up since 2014, harvestd in april of that year alongside the driveway of someone's holiday home in the Belgian Ardennes, Walloon part of Belgium.

dinsdag 9 april 2019


Bought in promotion, in july 2013, cut back more than half the trunk, carved, and all branches new since then

Flowers Almost Gone

'Flower almost gone' (singing along the tunes of the Doors' Summer's almost gone...)

Winterflowering cherry. Very small size. From very young nursery material, aged about 20years now. Has only spent 1 or 2 years in the ground.

Fluffy the little Rowan tree

Fluffy, the little Rowan. I think it works ;-)

Amongst the smallest and oldest bonsai I've grown from tiny seedling. Moved 2 times, since I harvested it in a hedgerow where I lived with my parents... special place in my heart even though there is no drama at all in this tree(let) and it was never ever grown in the ground.

Some things you just leave be

Birch - the beginning

The beginning of something...

Birch, probably a natural hybrid of Betula Pendula x Betula Pubescens

Alder numero quattro

Alder nr 4.
Alnus Glutinosa

From very young forestry nursery plant.

Sure, the main branches need thickening but I'm working on that whilst in pot. Let it be, time is on my side.

springtime 2019

Oh well, just a couple of impressions.

The joy of springtime !

zondag 24 februari 2019

2 Wych Elms (ulmus glabra)

2 absolute beginners or raw material. Very glad for this new species in my collection of native trees.
They were still in nursery container, and it took 2 hours to clean out the rootball.
Put back in downsized container, for another 2 or 3 years before moving to a bonsai pot.

I specifically selected this material. It may seem a bit awkward or weird choice for some bonsai enthusiasts. Sure you will have noticed I am not aiming for a typical bonsai tree. Offcourse this year they can grow freely. More pruning will be caried out after this, I take no chances and gladly risk losing 1 year in development. As long as they gain vigour first...

Long is the road, with lots of work ahead but thats fun offcourse.

Alder update

Went looking for a better model in the tree, and I found one. Subtile changes but this is ok.
Also pruned it, to be ready for spring.
Could need a repotting, but not a must.

From now on, focus on growing more secondary branches and ramification. The tree also has a spot at one side where the bark has died off and wood is visible. I'll have to find a way to deal with that...

New 'mini' project with European Ash, Fraxinus Excelsior

Last weekend, I dug this up in a friend's garden and cut back strongly to put it back in my yard again for 1 or 2 seasons.

I hope it survives, big and many roots had to be dealt with or simply cut off entirely. I'll have to get a close eye on it to prevent drying out.

zondag 6 januari 2019

Sycamore project tree - Acer Pseudoplatanus - update

This is a real project.
Today I dug out a small Sycamore tree (acer pseudoplatanus) that I got from a seedling on nearby farmland a few years ago. It stood in the ground for 2 years now, with only 1 rough pruning a year.
I cleaned out the rootmass and replanted it in a big plastic crate. In the next few years I will grow it alternating in the ground and in a plastic crate. The idea is to focus simulatenously on good root control and trunk thickness. Surely this will end up in a rather smallsized tree.
It is not considered a perfect or even suitable tree for bonsai, but I consider it a must have in my future collection native trees. Ramification is a big challenge in this species (fast growing with long internodes in nature) and you can forget small leaf size too. But, the winter image makes up for this and that is why I still want to have one.
It stands on a lava rock on one side. The longer the training the better this composition will look.
Maybe in 3 to 5 years, pot culture can begin.

vrijdag 4 januari 2019

Privet (ligustrum) in Wintersilhouet

Privet, ligustrum ovalifolium

just a picture of the winter silhouet

only 2 years training (1 year pond basket, 1 year pot).
Give it another few years before it is really presentable.

I will probably repot in 2019 OR 2020 on a slab. Then I will consider creating more height difference between the two levels (upper part group and lower part group of less plants), also more spacing between the groups will add to the perception I'm aiming for. It is good to have time on your side