dinsdag 19 april 2016

Ribes Alpinum flowers

The tiny Ribes Alpinum roots-over-rock, fully in bloom.
Even with me not interfering, at least 90% of the 'embryo' dies off and does not produce 'adult' berries. This is certainly not like the usual Ribes Rubrum.

Little Mugo Pine

This little Mugo (about 15 tot 20cm) I started in 1997 from a young garden centre plant.
It was one of my very first bonsai attempts, and has never since spent any time in the ground again.
The tiniest of candels starting to appear.

Update European Hornbeam: first Spring leaves

This hornbeam was repotted this year in late winter.
One branch on the left side has been shortened and wired. All ready to go now.
Just a picture of this raw material in its first spring green dress.

zondag 10 april 2016

airlayering my Ulmus Procera

Finally decided to airlayer my Ulmus Procera. Hope to see results in late winter next year, and put it some time in the ground again or in a wider trainingpot.

The plastic pot I used has the bottom cut out of it entirely. It is filled about half way up and covered with a bit of moss. Because of the higher edges of the pot, the sun cannot dry it out quickly and once in leaf the surface will be mostly shaded.

Mixture: vermiculite at least 80% (this does not rot and does not attract bugs/fungi), mixed with coarse lava sand and just a tiny bit of cocopeat.

dinsdag 5 april 2016

Hawthorn ready for Spring 2016

Hawthorn, Crataegus Monogyna, by far the most common crataegus in central Europe, and a very common shrub.

This one came into my posession in summer 2007, as a trunk with few bigger branch stumps and a lot of 1-year old shoots. The trunk was about 1/4 higher too. All has been built up since 2008.
Since 2 years it flowers (still modestly), however I will first invest some more years in building up ramification. It will get a decent pot with subtle glaze, within maybe 2 years.

The pictures were taken yesterday just before evening fall. Sorry still for that background, renovating the backyard shed is a bit postponed to further up this year...

maandag 4 april 2016

Graft has succeeded on small Cherry

small winterflowering cherry, Prunus Subhirtella (Autumnalis Rosea).
the approach graft (from an extended shoot) has succeeded.
Ready for strong growth.
From next year on, a little more focus on ramification, at last.

Birch changed style and angle

Birch, about 25 to 30years old. Inherited in 2008 from a bonsaifriend, Has always been a trouble child, since it was not maintained for many many years. After several cutbacks and other brutal handlings over the last few years, I finally 'knew' what to do with it now.
Well, still a few years to go as raw material that is, in this pond basket.
A lava rock was bound underneath its roots too, hardly visible in the pictures for now.
Existing branches need some guywires and some traditional wiring; new branches will need...more time.

Will need a rough crescent pot or very rough style rock of some sort.

Common Hazel ready for spring 2016

A stump of Common Hazel, since april 2015.
Growth of last year was cut back, and a little primal carving was done about 2 weeks ago.
Another year of free growth ahead, to thicken the new branches. First things first.
Buds are only now starting to swell.