maandag 21 september 2015

Malus prebonsai prepared for autum/winter

Yesterday I cleaned out this years growth of another tree, my Malus. Its not really prebonsai yet, its between raw material and prebonsai I guess. Will need good wiring at the right time just to give some direction, because apple branches quickly get to hard to bend easily without breaking.

From bonsai nursery stock in 2012. Drastically cut back to less then 50% height, all of the top was removed, then carved... All branches are new. It will be a long way with this Malus to get the primary branches thick enough to make the secondary/tertiary branchlets credible. But, offcourse lots of time will also help. Will have to use suckers where I want branches to thicken, but make sure other parts receive enough energy too. Fun project. Carving not finished, it is untouched since 2013.
I am aiming for a look with a bit of drama, wildness, robustness. No trimmed perfect japanese look please.

Silver Birch ready for autumn and winter

Yesterday I cleaned out the summer growth of my prebonsai Silver Birch, and put few wire on some branches. A decent wiring is planned for late winter next year.

From a seedling of 2 inches high, harvested in 2008 from between the pavement tiles.
Crazy what you can achieve with silver birch, if you allow it 2 or 3 seasons undisturbed growht and cut back fiercely every year. All branches you see has been built up since 2010/2011.
Still prebonsai, but in another +/- 2 years I'll will have my final idea of which branches I'll keep for the primary structure. Refinement can start from then on. In about 5 years this will surely be presentable as decent bonsai with raw/natural look. Although you wouldn't tell for now, but perhaps the smaller branches will be wired with a bit of weeping, especially in the top ends.

donderdag 17 september 2015

juvenile Horse Chestnut with bonsai ambition

Sometimes, it all starts from a simple seedling. Hard reality, if you want the purist approach to start from scratch and do it all yourself. But, what joy and fullfilment, even if the outcome in 20 or 30 years is not a 'perfect' bonsai.

A Horse Chestnut with bonsai ambition, if you will.
Sown in 2012.

Great fun will be to see the evolution. Within the next couple of years, slowly more training for prebonsai will have to start. More news in... well I don't know yet.

late summer picture of Larix Kaempferi

Random post, with a (august) summer picture of my japanese larch or Larix Kaempferi.

Selfmade (semi?)literati, easy flowing simple elegant feminine shape...
Not all bonsai have to be about big drama...

Started more than 10y ago from young material developed for group planting. So this was nothing more than a young thumb thick stick with lots of juvenile growth.
Has been restyled after a few years into this literati style.

Still needs years of ramification now. Secondary and tertiary branchlets come quite sparsely, since it allready flowers. Need to focus on techniques to stimulate growth a little more.