dinsdag 27 februari 2018

SALE - pinus mugo Shohin

Selling, because I want to focus on primarely native broadleaved trees, and because I've got too many projects I am growing and preparing for future personal bonsai therapy :)

This is actually one of my very first bonsai plants, started from younger nursery material, must be back in late nineties ('97 of '98). Well then this means it is about 25years old. No fat trunk here because it was always kept in pot. Details of an attractive bark here and there. Nice structural build-up and allready some refining, with backbudding, lots of tiny buds, tiny candles etcetera.
All in all, this is not a warehouse-bonsai but it is decent quality and can be made ready for exhibition quite rapidly according to me.
Nice little pot, not standard so this means it was not cheap either.

Collect only, in Belgium, province of East-Flanders, city of Oudenaarde (B-9700).
310 EUR.

Interested? Mail

Last 2 pictures are from approx 5 years ago.

zaterdag 24 februari 2018

Privet - small group repotted

Privet (Ligustrum Ovalifolium).

Small group, tallest tree is about 25cm.
I separated two trees from the group and put the rest on top of a stone before placing the lot back into the pot. One of the two seperated trees needs to be cutback (lowered).
Offcourse, several years ahead building up, refining..
It was already flowering, but this is not the goal for the coming years.

I will eventually put it in another pot.


zondag 11 februari 2018

Another little Rowan tree repotted

Another common (european) Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia) repotted.
Also small size. Started in 2014 from raw material collected alongside the driveway of a private garden where everything gets mowed every 2 or 3 years.

Will be a lovely presentable little tree in a few years.
Moss, collected from the roof of our neighbour's backyard shed.

maandag 5 februari 2018

Repotted little Rowan

Sorbus Aucuparia,
from tiny seedling °1997.

About 25 to 30cm

it's first year in such a low pot.
a broad pot, to further develop surface roots for maybe 2 years.
After that, a decent pot.