zondag 24 februari 2019

2 Wych Elms (ulmus glabra)

2 absolute beginners or raw material. Very glad for this new species in my collection of native trees.
They were still in nursery container, and it took 2 hours to clean out the rootball.
Put back in downsized container, for another 2 or 3 years before moving to a bonsai pot.

I specifically selected this material. It may seem a bit awkward or weird choice for some bonsai enthusiasts. Sure you will have noticed I am not aiming for a typical bonsai tree. Offcourse this year they can grow freely. More pruning will be caried out after this, I take no chances and gladly risk losing 1 year in development. As long as they gain vigour first...

Long is the road, with lots of work ahead but thats fun offcourse.

Alder update

Went looking for a better model in the tree, and I found one. Subtile changes but this is ok.
Also pruned it, to be ready for spring.
Could need a repotting, but not a must.

From now on, focus on growing more secondary branches and ramification. The tree also has a spot at one side where the bark has died off and wood is visible. I'll have to find a way to deal with that...

New 'mini' project with European Ash, Fraxinus Excelsior

Last weekend, I dug this up in a friend's garden and cut back strongly to put it back in my yard again for 1 or 2 seasons.

I hope it survives, big and many roots had to be dealt with or simply cut off entirely. I'll have to get a close eye on it to prevent drying out.