maandag 15 juni 2015

Malus bonsai update 14.06.2015

Update of my Malus (pre)bonsai.

This raw material, prebonsai-training, or raw prebonsai?, was repotted this year in a bigger plastic trainingpot. It flushed out a few new shoots, got pruned back here and there and started a new flush about 3weeks ago. A while back in the season, elas my oldest son (5yo) thought one branch was a useful toy and broke it off the tree. Lucky for me (and the tree) there were a few buds left so a new shoot emerged a few weeks later, the one on the lower right hand side.
I only slightly pruned back, and wired a few shoots now they're still soft. Anybody working with apples knows that wiring branches or even branchlets that have hardened off, is very precarious.

Many more years building up ahead! Obviously I have more than 1 good option with regards to inclination. I prefer the first one, maybe level it so that the main roots are horizontal. A too big an inclination reminds me too much of the typical/boring japanese bonsai-look: the triangle, the right-left combination...too boring.

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