maandag 19 oktober 2015

Common Alder - keeper or dumper?

Well, as you can see, I'll keep it.
This one has spent (was dumped) more than 2 years in a corner in my garden (which is always too small). Once a year it got pruned back, nothing more than basics.
But this method has produced a good lot of buds which can come in handy next year. First I'll see if my brutal handling (fierce rootpruning and changing the angle, in a small pot) doesn't kill the tree over winter. I'll make sure it gets protection from frost or icy winds, even if the species can take that easily. Oh yes, obviously a bit of carving to do near the big trunk cut.
If it survives it could be fun to build it up, my first (of 4) alders in pot it'll be then. Heavy watering, heavy feeding.

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