maandag 2 november 2015

update of 2 long-term projects Horse Chestnut and Bird Cherry

Update 02.11.2015 of two long-term projects.

Horse Chestnut, started from seed collected in 2011.
Here it is after one year in pot, and some years in the ground.
I have dug it out, done some rootpruning and transplanted it to another corner in my (modest) garden.
Will need 3 to 5 more years in the ground I think.
Trunk base just above nebari is now about 4 to 5cm.

Bird Cherry, started from 2 year old forestry material, in 2010.
Has had a difficult start the first year, but regained vigour afterwards. The cause was a bit of damaged trunkbase, but this has now turned into some interesting natural dead wood.
Also needs 3 to 5 more years in the ground.
Trunk base just above nebari is now about 4cm.

Great great fun, growing your own raw bonsai material! Everyone that loves bonsai should at least have grown one or few trees themselves to fully experience the joy and fulfillment.

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