dinsdag 8 maart 2016

A little Dremel-carving on Rowan #2

Spent an hour with my little Rowan #2. I collected this one only in early april 2015, so it has spent 1 growing season in a big training pot.

It had some rotten dead wood and some boring and awkward areas that I needed to give some attention. So today was the day for that. Good half an hour carving with my Dremel did the job, at least for now. Several carved areas are interconnected with hollows. The pictures do not really show depth and dimensions. I am thinking about creating a hollow at the base of the trunk, carve upwards into the trunk and connect with the dead wood areas higher up. Maybe for this summer or next year. For now I'm hoping for a spring with lots of new growth. I intend to create an oval or round canopy.

Height is about 20cm at the moment.
Last picture is 'before', taken somewhere fall 2015.

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