dinsdag 29 november 2016

Ulmus Procera/Fiel Elm - project has started

The Ulmus project has begun last weekend.
I seperated the tree, that was airlayered in april, from its old and awkward roots.
I knew the airlayer would be succesful but did not expect so much roots, so nicely spread.
This tree will have a great start next spring.
I planted it out in the garden with a nice (natural looking) rock right next to the trunk on the left side, and carefully positioned a good lot of the roots on that side on and under the rock. Ulmus vigourously grows out long and strong roots, perfect for the job. It will need about 2 years for a good grip on the rock. After that I can dig it out for inspection, and replant it for another couple of years. I want to double or triple the trunk thickness, so vigorous growth with sacrifiche branches is the plan. This should be quite straightforward and easy, if you take into account the virtual I made in september, because sacrifice branches on the top is no problem for this design.

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