zondag 5 maart 2017

How do I start many of my trees?
Well, like this. From seedling or seed.

This is a wild domesticated apple (malus domesticus), most likely an ancient variety. I first thought it was genuine wild apple (malus sylvestris), because the parent tree from which I harvested, had very small apples (about max 4 cm), even colour without stripes. But, they tasted quite sweet, which is not typical for Malus Sylvestris.

Anyway, I harvested some apples in late december 2015, left the seed in a pot outside during winter, and sowed in spring 2016. This is one of the seedlings of 2016. I Planted it out on a rock and put it in a pond basket. I hope it will be strong enough by next spring, to plant it out in the ground for further development. If all goes well, this will be an interesting and fun project for decades to come.

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