donderdag 21 september 2017

Two more cheap bonsai turntables

I allready fabricated a turntable from an old office chair, but to have one that can 'lift' a bit higher, I just bought a brand new kitchen bar chair, with adjustable seat height up to 80cm (31,5"). It cost me 23 EUR, that is nothing compared to 200 or 300 EUR for a 'real' bonsai-turntable.

From the package, assembled in 2 minutes (no screws), and then I could fix my new table top directly on the assembled frame. I used concrete plex board, and new boults which I sunk into the surface. Then I used a ecofriendly 'tar' to seal the cut edges and boults. To avoid damaging and rot of the working top I can simply lay on a vinyl top (maybe with velcro) or another smooth thin concrete plex board (0,5cm).

This cost me in total 35 EUR all in, an 1 hour work per table. I made an extra one for a bonsai friend.

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  1. Thats great work man. What is the lowest height of the table? Which store it was BTW?

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    1. Hello and thank you Maros. A bit of creativity goes a long way. The lowest heigt I did not measure, but it must be about 50 of 55? The type of chair was called 'Flanagan barstoel', it is a bar stool/chair and I bought it at a belgian local furniture store that only has two separate stores in one province in Flanders, Belgium, so not a multinational company like IKEA.

    2. Thanks for reply mate. I google it and similar stuff is available in my country as well. I have to check it. Thanks again for great idea.