maandag 16 oktober 2017

More Fall

Fall is not a boring season for a bonsaïsto.
It is an exciting time as well as a relaxing time. Exciting to see colours appear, to see leaves fall, to see buds preparing for winter, to see mushrooms and moss thrive.
And, a time to relax and look back on the growing season... has it resulted in enough growth, more branches. Following the development over the years is big fun. Even if you have mainly prebonsai and it takes years to build up trees before refining and maturing can even start.

I love fall. I love native species in fall.

Common Alder: 2 years in pot (of which 1 year in pond basket)

pretty good spreading of the branches

Another Common Alder: I really like the trunk shape and natural feel of the branch structure. I will love training this one in the years to come

again Common Alder: second year in pot. This one seems to develop a bit slower. The growth is not as strong as with the other Alders. Perhaps it needs more pot. 

European Rowan Tree (Sorbus Aucuparia). Harvested in april 2015. 
Since this year in proper bonsai pot, but needs a lot more ramification.

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