vrijdag 24 november 2017

European White Elm from seed, taking the next step

Ulmus Laevis (latin), European White Elm (english), Orme lisse (fran├žais), Flutterelme (deutsch), Fladderiep (nederlands)

Two seasons old. Collected from seed, growing as seedling in 2016 and planted out on a rock early 2017.

Now it is time to put it in the ground for vigorous growth and thickening the trunk. The main trunk (centre) can stay for a while to help thicken the trunk. This Elms species naturally grows more like a bushy tree. It is also resistant to the Elm's disease. The roots were heavily pruned, some were a metre long.

Great and rare native species in this part of Belgium (Flanders), it was collected from seed of a tree in the Wallon part of Belgium.

I love starting up projects like this. Securing future bonsai fun with 'special' native trees.

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