maandag 22 april 2019

Hornbeam in leaf - in the "VETERAN TREE"- style?

In leaf, propagating many shoots all over the tree. No weak branches. All goes well.
Wait another 2 or 3 years, and this tree will develop to one of the better ones in my collection of native bonsai trees. Well, I hope so ;-).

VETERANTREE - style ??? Anyone wanting to pick that up, be my guest but share the link to my blog in that case ;-). "Veteran tree" is a name that allready exists (google it) but would be new to bonsai. According to me, it could appeal to european bonsai enthousiasts. It is by definition a naturalistic style and the term is allready being used.

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  1. This tree has a bright future as you build the ramification, I really admire the movement of the primary branches. I like your use of the 'veteran tree' style, that's what I have in mind when developing a number of my deciduous trees. It is similar to how some Japanese Prunus mume bonsai are styled, a tree that has outlasted adversity. I'm not sure where the boundary between Walter Pall's 'Fairytale style' and 'veteran tree style' would fall, but I think they are distinct visions