donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Enjoying Veteran Trees

Have been enjoying pictures and stories of some veteran trees, relics of trees, monuments of trees. Many of which have man's hand in it, at some point in history. History, culture, nature alltogether. We so need nature to be our god again.

Wherever I could, I put a bit of text beside the pictures.


1. Chestnut (castanea sativa), France, Eraudiere, near Nantes

2. Chestnut (castanea sativa), France, parc national des CĂ©vennes

3. European White Elm or Fluttering Elm (ulmus laevis), Germany, Guelitz

4. Linden, Belgium, Mol, old picture of an ancient (pollarded) tree

5. Linden, Germany, Upstedt (Niedersachsen)

6. Linden, Belgium, Oedelem, old picture of the Liberty Linden (1815)

7. European Hornbeam, Belgium, Sijsele, picture anno 1904 of the tree calle 'Dikke Petrus (fat peter)

8. European Hornbeam, Belgium, Sijsele

9. European Hornbeam, Belgium, Sijsele

10. Chestnut, Belgium, 'Schouwbroek' castle, Vinderhoute

11. Chestnuts, Belgium, 'Schouwbroek' castle, Vinderhoute

12. One of the Chestnuts from previous pictures of 'Schouwbroek' castle, Belgium Vinderhoute

13. Fabulous 'creepy' tree lane with chestnut trees, Belgium, Vinderhoute 

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