zaterdag 11 juli 2015

european Larch (larix decidua) revisited 11.07.2015

I took away my last doubts about my european larch. The windswept-look-a-like now looks even more windswept. Over the last few years it evolved into this style, not really deliberately however. I just went with the possibilities it had (the trunk inclination for instance), and now I'm left with a very sparse foliage. I quite like it now, no further styling or restyling. Next year I will further extend the branch, I am happy with the movement of the branch (dropping then rising slightly again). It adds to the drama of this little larch. I only need to address the dead wood at the top, redesign the old dead top to match the additional dead branches on top (created today). From now on, ramification!

Height +/- 25cm.

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