donderdag 9 juli 2015

Hazelnut revisited 09.07.2015

corylus avellana. Hazel-nut var. 'the Nutty Professor'?

It seems this little bush had no problem transplanting its natural growing power into the pot. Good substrate, good feeding, and off it went. With all that power I'm sure its healthy enough, so I chopped down some of the trunks a bit more last week. Summertime will make sure the healing will be no problem. Collected, and chopped down twice in 3 months time. Growth just continues..

Just a few pictures. Some carving/hollowing out to do, its pretty obvious where.
See the bonsai in the bonsai-to-be? I can.
5 years project to have an acceptable prebonsai ready for ramification seem about right? I think so

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