maandag 21 september 2015

Malus prebonsai prepared for autum/winter

Yesterday I cleaned out this years growth of another tree, my Malus. Its not really prebonsai yet, its between raw material and prebonsai I guess. Will need good wiring at the right time just to give some direction, because apple branches quickly get to hard to bend easily without breaking.

From bonsai nursery stock in 2012. Drastically cut back to less then 50% height, all of the top was removed, then carved... All branches are new. It will be a long way with this Malus to get the primary branches thick enough to make the secondary/tertiary branchlets credible. But, offcourse lots of time will also help. Will have to use suckers where I want branches to thicken, but make sure other parts receive enough energy too. Fun project. Carving not finished, it is untouched since 2013.
I am aiming for a look with a bit of drama, wildness, robustness. No trimmed perfect japanese look please.

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