maandag 21 september 2015

Silver Birch ready for autumn and winter

Yesterday I cleaned out the summer growth of my prebonsai Silver Birch, and put few wire on some branches. A decent wiring is planned for late winter next year.

From a seedling of 2 inches high, harvested in 2008 from between the pavement tiles.
Crazy what you can achieve with silver birch, if you allow it 2 or 3 seasons undisturbed growht and cut back fiercely every year. All branches you see has been built up since 2010/2011.
Still prebonsai, but in another +/- 2 years I'll will have my final idea of which branches I'll keep for the primary structure. Refinement can start from then on. In about 5 years this will surely be presentable as decent bonsai with raw/natural look. Although you wouldn't tell for now, but perhaps the smaller branches will be wired with a bit of weeping, especially in the top ends.

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