zondag 21 februari 2016

rootgrafting Field Maple

Today I repotted and rootgrafted my Field Maple, Acer Campestre. I grafted with 4 one year old seedlings of common european maple, Acer Pseudoplatanus. I hope this will be succesful. If so, I suspect it will take max 2 years to be able and cut off the tops and be left with new roots. It makes no difference I grafted with another acer species. Colour of trunk/roots is very similar. To protect the tiny grafts and roots I put the 'old' moss carpets back on, so you can't see any of the added roots yet.

I would normally do this one month from now, somewhere late march, early april, but this winter has been extremely mild with temperatures now 12°C. I can even see the lightcoloured budtops appearing. A hawthorn allready has littles leaves appearing.

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