maandag 16 maart 2015

bonsai Rowan and Malus repotted

The little Rowan tree (about 25 to 30cm in height) or Sorbus Aucuparia and the Malus (about 30cm) both were rootbound after good 2 years in their pots. A big carpet of roots could be pruned away after combing out the soil underneath.

The Rowan tree was in a smaller traditional rectangle pot, and is now repotted into the old Malus pot, which is about 1/3 bigger in volume. The tree needs more thickening of the trunk, which can be achieved with more room for the roots, regular feeding, and letting the shoots grow long enough before cutting back. In 2 to 3 seasons I should be able to get good results.

The Malus was in the round blueglazed pot, and was repotted in a big plastic training pot. The goal here is to achieve lots of strong new growth first. I treat it like a pre-prebonsai for 2 or 3 years. Lots of flower buds opening up too !

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