zaterdag 7 maart 2015

European Hornbeam out of winter storage 07.03.2015

Today I opened up my improvised winter storage, which is just some pallets covered with reinforced plastic. I took out several trees amongst which this one.

Europen Hornbeam
Carpinus Betulus
Height: about 55cm

So, the approach graft roots from 2 years earlier have semi-grafted, but not at all up to my taste. Needs lots of work still, or perhaps new grafts with seedlings in stead of 2 to 3yo plants. The edges of the carving done last year have receded here and there because of indrought, nothing bad, still good. The dead wood top I broke off in bits, just roughly. Finishing of all the dead wood is not going to happen until it has weatherd still more. The top I will have to make sure to protect it a little better, it tends to burst and crack too rapidly and I need a good base to be able to finish it off later.
I included a virtual, made with a very basic and free imaging programme. The angle of inclination is set from the programme, It is the closest I could get to what could be an option.

A fun project, and ready for spring. All this from a 'hedge-a-dori' in 2012. The hedge was about 20 years old.

first choice for front

2nd choice for front, turned 1hour counter clockwise

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