maandag 9 maart 2015

Making a cement bonsai pot (crescent)


I have an ugly-duckling birch that needed a pot. I had to do all sorts of tricks to make this tree somewhat 'ok' for a future as bonsai, and still it will always be a strange tree even with years of work still to come. So, with the knowledge I have no pots suited for the tree, and the cost of a big ceramic crescent pot is very high (can be about 200 EUR), I decided to make own. In cement.

This was my first ever attempt ever so you will not find an elaborate 'how it's made' here. I went to the local DIY, bought some bird cage wire mesh, 2 small bags of quickdrying cement, and a pair of plastic gloves. The 'creating' happened in 2 hours, then a 1 hour pause, then half an hour finishing. The bottom still needs finishing, the pot was still to delicate to turn in upside down and I got no appropriate stand at hand. The flat bottom is, well just that, too flat still.

I must say this was fun. I'm hungry for more. It was not a perfect job but I've seen worse first attempts at this so I should be proud. I will find out more about using stands or supports to be able to finish the bottom in one go.

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