woensdag 22 april 2015

bonsai Hazel var. Webs Prize Cobb - update

This common Hazel, or Corylus Avellana, variety Webs Prize Cobb, I bought in 2010 at a local garden center. Unfortunately it did not do all that well in the growing departement the next years and last year it lost a big branch. So I condemned it to a quiet corner of my bonsai benches. I was about ready to let it go but today I decided to finally give it a go once more.
The front will be altered, so I pruned away some branches. No wiring now, branches are still young so except letting it grow I dont plan to do anything with it this year. Next year it will go in a bigger flat training pot for 2 or 3 years with heavy feeding. Then it should be ready to start building ramification on the main branches. It is quite a small size, about 30 to 40cm in height.

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