maandag 13 april 2015

new 'start' material - Common Ash (fraxinus excelsior)

New 'start' material, Fraxinus Excelsior or Common Ash.
This is new material, found and dug out during holiday weekend in Belgian Ardennes. If you read my blog you know I am not a fan of collecting trees in ecological environments. So this one (along with 2 others) I found at the very side of the road in the immediate proximity of the place we stayed, within 50m ever. These parts are mowed every few years to clear the road, either by the owners or by the local community services.

This is 'small' size, about 10 to 15cm of trunk height I guess. I pruned just to give it a start as prebonsai material, no finished idea in my mind yet. But, the common Ash is quite common as a pollarded tree in the region I live, so that would fit and it looks like it has been prepared for that, no?

Lets hope it survives the brutal habitus change.

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