maandag 13 april 2015

New 'start' material - common Hazel

New 'start' material, Corylus Avellana or (common) Hazel.
This is new material, found and dug out during holiday weekend in Belgian Ardennes. If you read my blog you know I am not a fan of collecting trees in ecological environments. So this one (along with 2 others) I found at the very side of the road in the immediate proximity of the place we stayed, within 50m ever. These parts are mowed every few years to clear the road, either by the owners or by the local community services.

This was all done in 1 day, at 7.15 in the morning it took 1 hour to dig out the tree (a lot of rocks!). 12 hours later and back home, another half an hour to clear out the dirt and prune the roots to fit the training pot. You can see the few rocks beneath the main trunk (at least for now) that are trapped between the roots. The rock is called 'Schiste' in dutch, typical of the region.

The tree/clump is just pruned to keep it manageable. However I do want to end up with a broad canopy rather than a high one. Equally, I am not sure a prominant dominant trunk would fit the picture. Broad, bushy, natural is the first idea that comes into my mind. Fingers crossed and hope it survives the brutal habitus change.

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